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When Jimmy Choat’s coat goes missing, there’s only one person to blame – and it isn’t the goat!

But don’t be surprised if the goat doesn’t take it lying down. In this hilarious, rhyme-happy picture book, children will love to pore over the funny illustrations, picking up clues that all is not as it seems between Jimmy Choat and the goat, Petunia P. Oat. Because Petunia knows who’s really to blame, and before long the whole family will too!

Author: Dean Hale



“The wordplay here is enjoyable—and there is a neat double comeuppance at the end… Slack’s Photoshop/collage artwork is attractively involving… readers will all be rooting for P. Petunia..” —Kirkus

“The colorful cartoon illustrations and the sheer wackiness of the story will likely appeal to young readers and listeners. Teachers planning lessons on the “oa” sound will definitely want to check this book out.” —School Library Journal