Pass It On!

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Bee’s friend Cow is stuck in a fence and asks for his help. Bee cannot help cow by himself so he decides to get the word out to as many farmyard friends as possible. But when he tells Frog about Cow’s predicament and asks him to “Pass it on!”, the message that gets passed to Pig is: “Cow put duck in a tent!” From there, the message morphs into the tent falling on a woodchuck, cow having good luck, a penny, some money, some honey, etc. In the end, understanding dawns, Cow is dis-lodged, and he and Bee thank their friends with fresh milk and honey.



“Slack’s accompanying artwork crackles with energy and color, and the barnyard creatures have a high degree of personality.”  –Kirkus Reviews (starred)

“Each message is escalated into greater heights — or depths — of absurdity, gleefully depicted in Slack’s retro Tibor Gergely-style illustrations.”  – New York Times

“Slack’s artwork conjures images of early Golden Books like The Little Red Hen and The Poky Little Puppy”.   – Publishers Weekly