When Words Fail

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A new illustration on the subject of developmental Expressive Language Disorder. Children with this language disorder have difficulties remembering words and putting them together in sentences to express what s/he wants to say.  It is found 2-5 times more often in boys.

Cocktail Mats, Ooga Booga Print

I have two new items for sale in the Slackart shop. First up is the Ooga-Booga Aluminum print. That’s right ALUMINUM. This unique printing process infuses the dyes directly into the surface of  specially coated aluminum sheets. The image quality is amazing and they are UV protected, waterproof, and scratch resistant. Basically, these things will […]

Monkey Truck now in Korean

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Received a box of these in the mail. Monkey Truck Korean Edition. The book will come shrink wrapped with two activity sheets. One drawing activity and one sticker activity. It is standard protocol to have these approved by the author. Attached to the email from my publisher was an English translation of the text that […]

Elecopter: Great review from Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly has given my new book a great review, calling it “Little Golden Books on LSD.”  It is the first time a reviewer has ever used a drug reference to describe my color palette. You can read the entire review at Publishers Weekly here. The official release date is September  3.  You can view […]

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